"STINGRAY SAM is timeless"

"STINGRAY SAM is the best sci-fi/western/comedy/musical/serialized story ever told"

"STINGRAY SAM leaves one begging for more..."

"A hilarious, strangely affecting and delightfully odd 67-minutes."

"Cory McAbee's film is almost insanely entertaining. When you see the audience clapping and singing along with the opening credits you know there is something special going on..."

"A film with this level of enjoyability and charm is almost immune to criticism."

Colin Panetta, The 941 | Read the entire review

"The six episodes strung together as a feature wonderfully confounds conceptions of what a sci-fi flick should look and sound like."

"Stingray Sam is a treasure..."

"Cory McAbee met and exceeded the high hopes I had for this new outing ... Stingray Sam is yet another brilliant effort from McAbee."