How To Write an Argumentative Essay

If a student is writing a paper, he or she must write an argumentative essay. This type of paper requires the writer to present their ideas in a logical and convincing way that can be used to recommend a certain subject. In order for this to work out successfully, the author will have to provide facts on why his or her topic is more effective than other similar options. He or she should also break down the facts into several points that are on point for each reason why they feel their topic is more effective than others. The following steps will explain how writers go about creating their own argumentative essay using examples from popular movies:

What Is An Argumentative Essay? – Definition

An argumentative essay consists of presenting two opposing points of view on a specific topic to persuade the audience to agree with one’s point of view. An argumentative essay is commonly associated with writing an opinion piece.

The first step to writing an argumentative essay for any writer is always knowing how it works and what types of things are included in an argumentative paper. These papers show the writers’ opinions through facts, research, statistics, definitions, examples, or other information that can be used as evidence. This type of paper also uses rhetorical devices to help convince the reader that what they are saying makes more sense than other options. Argumentative essays should have a strong thesis statement that directly states what viewpoint the author is going for without giving too much away as well as three body paragraphs that support the thesis statement in a logical way. The body paragraphs in an argumentative essay should have clear topic sentences. These sentences explain what the paragraph is about and why it’s relevant to their argumentative paper, properly introduced material, and several facts, assumptions, reasons, examples, or other evidence to help prove their point of view. Each body paragraph should also include its own topic sentence directly following the introduction.

The final part of an argumentative essay is always the conclusion. This section restates who has been argued (the writer), what was argued (their points), and how successful they think they were in convincing others (conclusion). It’s important for writers to know that this type of paper does not necessarily need to be written in the first person since they are only speaking for themselves. Their argumentative paper does need to be clear, concise, and free of mistakes throughout the entire writing process.

Define The Topic – Example

When deciding what topic to write about, it’s important to narrow down the possibilities within a specific subject so that writers don’t overcomplicate their work. You can choose from anything between politics and relationships or stick with something you know will be interesting enough to persuade other people such as movies or video games. In order for an argumentative paper to succeed, you must fully understand how your chosen topic works and why it appeals to others so much before starting on your work. Using popular sci-fi movie franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, or Doctor Who are great examples of popular topics to include in an argumentative essay since they have passionate followers that would enjoy hearing different opinions on their favorite films.

When discussing the topic for this specific assignment, it’s important to realize that some people may find some movies better than others while others might disagree with either point of view altogether. If you choose a more popular franchise such as the ones mentioned above, there are bound to be many people who love them equally which makes them harder to argue against. Through careful planning and research before writing your paper, you can make sure that your points are both effective and interesting for your reader. It’s also important to make sure that you are not saying anything too extreme that may lead others to think badly of you.

Start By Making A Strong Claim – Example

Choosing the right topic for your argumentative essay is essential since it will influence what claims you make throughout your work. The best topics are those that readers can see both sides of so there’s room for them to change their minds about who makes more sense during the reading process. For instance, some people may think George Lucas is a visionary film maker while others might not enjoy his movies enough to call him anything but average. There are even more extreme cases where some movie fans believe that Star Wars would have never reached its level of greatness without his control over the films.

If this were an assignment, claiming that someone is a good movie maker in comparison to someone else would likely make your reader question why you thought it was fair to compare them in the first place. For an opinion paper, there’s no way to completely know that both artists are receiving equal amounts of praise from across the world. It’s also important for writers to keep their claims strong and well supported since there is little point in doing otherwise when trying to persuade people with your work.

Include A Clear Topic Sentence – Example

The topic sentence should be included right after the introduction paragraph where all readers can see whether or not they agree with its relevance. This sentence needs to clearly state what the paragraph will be about and how it relates back to the thesis statement so everyone understands what the writer has set out to accomplish. The topic sentence should be an extension of the thesis statement without repeating what was already stated in other words.

When choosing a topic for your argumentative essay, it’s important to make sure that there won’t be any confusion about what it’s trying to say before continuing on with the body paragraphs. For instance, some topics are meant to help readers understand why they should hate something while others are designed to make them like certain aspects more than they did before starting this paper. Each type of claim can take many different forms but either way you choose to write yours, it needs to support your initial point throughout each draft until you’re satisfied with its final appearance.

Include Multiple Body Paragraphs – Example

For the body of your work, it’s important to include multiple points that all try to support your original arguments. When making a claim throughout this section, you need to provide evidence that clearly explains why you think these facts are relevant and worthwhile for readers to know about. For example, if you were writing an essay on Christopher Nolan helming your favorite movie franchise, these would be some things you could discuss: his ability as a director and storyteller; what each film was like in relation to its predecessors; how well he captured the spirit of Batman; etc.

Avoid Making Generalizations – Example

While writing your argumentative essay topic sentences and throughout each paragraph as well, there should be little to no difference in tone. The main difference is that you should avoid making generalizations by writing what seems like a fact when it’s actually your opinion. For instance, “The Dark Knight Trilogy has been praised by many movie buffs as one of the best film trilogies to date” sounds much more objective than “The Dark Knight Trilogy will go down in history as one of the greatest movies ever created.” If a reader can’t tell which statement came from an editor and which came from a fan, then this might not have been the right topic for you.

Include A Conclusion That Sums It All Up – Example

After going over each body paragraph one by one, the final section needs to be included to tie everything together. This part should include a new topic sentence that wraps up one of your body paragraphs by briefly describing it and how it relates back to the thesis statement. Once again, make sure there are no inconsistencies between each section so readers know exactly what they’re getting from this paper before moving on with their lives.

Solidify Your Opinion With Strong Claims – Example

We began by discussing how Christopher Nolan is responsible for some of the best movies ever created based on his work with The Dark Knight Trilogy. We then went over each movie briefly to show how he took something people loved about Batman lore and expanded upon it in new ways. Finally, we ended our essay by giving him an apt amount of praise as he continues to work on new projects in the future.

By using our argumentative essay example, hopefully, you’ve been able to see how this particular piece of writing is put together so you can do it yourself next time! Of course, everyone has their own methods for creating something like this so feel free to give it your own spin or contact us if you need any more help throughout the process. Either way, we wish you the best of luck when working on your final draft and hope you’re happy with everything that’s included!

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