College Essay Writing Advice You’d Wish Your Parents Told You Sooner

College essays are different from the usual pieces you wrote when you were in high school. It requires extensive research, depth, and excellent command in English. As a matter of fact, most of the subjects in college depends on the written outputs you submit to your professor, and that includes essays. That’s why, if you’re still in senior high school, it would be better to spend some time practicing how to write an article. It will help you survive college. Really.

To get started with your college application by writing a college essay, here are some helpful advice you’d wish your parents told you sooner.

Advice #1: Your college essay should be about you. Not your dog, your neighbor or your favorite meme.

Most of the students applying for college admission write their essays about someone else. Please stop. They are not the ones who will attend college; it’s you. You can mention special people who have been part of your life, but the focus should be on how their presence made you change to become who you are now and what has become your life since then.

Advice #2: Be specific.

When you mention something about yourself, an experience, or why you love dogs in your college essay but wrap it up immediately, imagine your paper thrown outside the window. It could happen if you don’t give the full details and be specific. Your reader deserves to know what you want to say in your paper, so you have to provide the details and don’t summarize it instantly. Instead of writing “I learned that…”, “I realized that,” it would be better to make your readers read between the lines what you have learned or realized.

Advice #3: Write as if your paper will imitate the way you talk.

If you are claiming that your personality is humorous and outgoing, then show it in your college essay. Let your article talk for you. Keep in mind that before the admission officer talks to you, it’s your college essay whom they will meet. So, take this opportunity to make a lasting first impression with your college essay. Write the way you talk.

Advice #4: Have a friend or two read and critique your essay

Before submitting your article, you should edit and proofread it first for any possible errors you have overlooked. You can ask someone who is an expert in college essay writing to critique your piece for the technicalities of writing an article. As for the personality of your college essay, let someone who knows a lot about you to read and review your content. In that way, you will see if you had successfully written a compelling essay.

These are some of the college essay writing advice that you’d wish your parents told you sooner. It is an important nugget to ponder since it gives you a clearer picture of what colleges and universities are expecting from the cover letter you will submit.

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