7 Tips On How To Be Successful When Writing A “Why I Want To Be A Nurse Essay”

Writing a “Why I want to be a nurse essay” can be a challenge. It is a common request, whether you apply for such a position in a medical facility or you are about to enroll in college for a course. This is probably the first thing someone will ask you to write about. Apart from clearly identifying your expectations and goals in life, there are a few tips to help you come up with a quality result.

1. Stick to academic writing

Writing such an essay involves writing an academic essay. In other words, you need to be extremely professional. Opt for an academic format and style. Stick to a formal language and use specialist words when you have to – do not overreact to it though or you will look like you try too hard. Other than that, you should also mention references and pay attention to the punctuation and spelling, so double-check everything a few times.

2. Pay attention to the level of sophistication

There will be a few requirements for your “Why I want to be a nurse essay”, so you better pay attention to what you are asked to do. Your content depends on these requirements. Generally, different essays come with different levels of sophistication. A basic less sophisticated work – such as a care plan – can be quite descriptive, but without too many sophisticated words. On the other hand, if you are expected to provide a quality piece of work, you need more substance and argumentative words.

3. Show some engagement

There are more ways to show engagement. More engagement underlines more interest in this industry and this is exactly what a professor or potential employer will want to see. Just like any other academic discipline, being an expert in nursing depends on constantly educating yourself round the clock. There will always be new theories, discoveries, and ideas around and they all require attention. Stick to academic literature and bring in some clinical results as well. Opt for ideas from various sources, only to prove your dedication to learn more.

4. Structure your text accordingly

The structure is critical in an essay out there. Your “Why I want to be a nurse essay” requires proper planning as well. A well-established structure will give you a professional approach – you will stick to the plan, rather than lose the reader on the way. Different types of essays (or levels) require different structures. But then, any essay will require one, so plan it accordingly and make sure you approach it in the right manner.

5. Find a balance

Writing an essay about your future plans and expectations also involves showing interest and researching. You can mention sources and ideas, but at the same time, the actual purpose of this essay is personal. You cannot mention a source when it comes to your main reasons, yet you can make a few references. Generally speaking, make sure most of the work is yours. Up to 20% of your essay can review others’ work and contributions to the industry, but this is it.

6. Underline awareness

Awareness is quite important when writing an essay about your future and it can make the difference. Every industry out there has some significant values and the nursing field makes no difference either. There are values, as well as debates and issues. You can mention them sparingly here and there, just to show that you are aware of what nursing is about. As for introducing new ideas into the text, you can come up with current issues and your ideas on how to sort them out.

7. Practice over theory

Nursing will always bring in challenges that you have never heard about. There will be things that you will never learn about in school, yet you will face them in a medical facility. As you are interested in being a nurse, you might be alright with the theory. Make sure you link it with some practice as well, only to demonstrate the fact that you can understand this industry.

In the end, writing a successful “Why I want to be a nurse essay” is often about showing dedication and proving that you are already ahead of your competition. You need to have a clue about the industry and take it seriously before you even get there.

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